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Annual Appeal

"Jesus is like the sun and we are like the heat."    
"The gift of the life of God is expanding among humans."  

As CGS catechists, we have a passionate commitment to nurturing the relationship between God and the child. We could say we are passionate about the future. We want to support the children as they grow and  change, and by doing this we support the growth and change of the future of our faith communities, of the Church.

But like the "heat of the sun", a label in the Level II Blue Unity Strip material reminds us the gift of the life of God expands among humans, all humans, older as well as younger. We find through our work that the child helps us nurture OUR relationship with God. "The life of God expands to humans" - ALL humans!

Friendship is but one aspect of this "gift of the life of God." St. Augustine says friendships are given to us as a gift from God. We do not really initiate them, God does. Through friendships, God can touch us and redeem our lives! (Facets of Joy, 99)
Recently, at a Level II Formation course, a participant asked, "Why has it taken me so long to learn that the Sacrament of Reconciliation is all about JOY?!!" This person, through CGS and a passion for the religious life of the child, experienced the life of God expanding within HERSELF! What a gift! Have YOU had a similar, redemptive experience?

This is the "gift of the life of God" in its fullness, and adults and children can experience it together in CGS. Just as we are passionate about supporting the growth of the relationship between God and the Child, the CGS National Association is passionate about supporting the relationship between God and ALL people, young and old. Goals this year include National Conferences, outreach to Regional CGS groups, restoring Plan of God Level III Materials, and more.

Support this work, and be supported in return. Be the "heat" that comes from Jesus, who is like the sun. Be the heat that redeems, the heat that brings JOY!

As a special way to celebrate our spiritual friendship, and as a part of the 2016 CGS Annual Appeal, we are happy to make available beautiful notecards featuring artwork by Fr. Gerard Alba of Most Holy Trinity Parish in Lenexa, Kansas. We hope you use them to connect again to a special friend! Order them here and enjoy! 

We will also have a larger print as a gift for those who donate $300.00 or more. 


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