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Annual Appeal

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          A Capacity for Love

                 A Capacity for Prayer


Gavin, age 8, Drawn after the presentation of the Empty Tomb, “God is not dead”is written the back of the paper.

CGSUSA 2017 Annual Appeal

"The youngest children lead us to the deepest mysteries of our faith."
Rebekah Rojcewicz

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I count myself among the hundreds and hundreds of catechists, parents, and members of a faith community to be blessed by the joy of a child in the atrium.  While I spent much of my adult life wrestling with the idea of a God who seeks me, it was a child's delight in discovering the identity of the sheep that revealed to me the core of our faith: Jesus loves me! While I stumble over the right words to offer in prayer, the child shows me that a joyful song is plenty.  I understand that God is present in all things when I stop long enough to marvel with the child at a long line of ants marching across the cracks of a sidewalk.                                                           Patti Franz, Phoenix, AZ

Whether you are a new or long-time catechist, a parent, grandparent, or godparent, a priest or lay leader, children have something to teach us about God's love.  Through their joy, their wonder and awe, their capacity for love and prayer, and their radical simplicity, they offer us adults a glimpse of what it means to fall in love with God. This has been the work of CGSUSA for over 30 years: to advocate for the child's joy.  
Your support in 2016 meant:
  123 formation courses with over 1200 participants 
  60 new catechist in  the process of discernment  to become a recognized formation leaders
  The seminal infant/ toddler course
                                    Part-time Member Coordinator hired as our membership passes 2000                                      Shepherd's Closet resource expanded
tHeART of the Child art exhibit premiered
If you have been led to God through the child's joy,
please help us with a gift to the 2017 Annual Appeal.

Your gift for 2017 means:
A new website in the works
The Celebration of Sofia Cavalletti's Centenary
The Infant/Toddler formation courses
Collaborate with USCCB
tHeART of the Child traveling to the regions
3 new books to be published
Give with gratitude for the joy of a child.

Regional Appeal Challenge!
Introducing the CGSUSA 2017 Annual Appeal Regional Challenge!  Every gift makes an impact in the spiritual life of the child.  Imagine if we could DOUBLE that impact with a CHALLENGE GIFT!  CGSUSA has been blessed with THREE $5000 challenge gifts for the 2017 Annual Appeal in three different regions of the country. Imagine if we could create this challenge in each of our seven regions!  
Here's how it works:  A generous donor offers a $5000 challenge for a particular region if CGSUSA can raise an additional $5000 in that region! It's that easy! For every $1 donation to the 2017 ANNUAL APPEAL, CGSUSA will receive an additional $1. If you give $100, CGSUSA receives an additional $100.  If you give $500, your donation is doubled!  Would you consider making a regional challenge gift?  Do you know someone who could offer a $5000 challenge donation? 
Great Lakes Region                               $5000 Challenge Gift  Recieved!  
Northeast Region                                   $5000 Challenge Gift Received!
Northern Plains                                                                                                     
Pacific Coast Region                             $5000 Challenge Gift Received!                                                                  
Rocky Mountain Region                      $5000 Challenge Gift Received!                                                          
Southeast Region                            
Southwest Region                                  $5000 Challenge Gift Received!             



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