A new initiative for CGSUSA - Volunteer Skilled Talent.

This new initiative will match the skills and talents of experienced adults with the diverse needs of CGSUSA to build a stronger, more vibrant volunteer community in the service of the spiritual life of the child.  Those who are called will act like leaven in the community, producing abundantly. Leaven is tiny in size, and only a little is kneaded into the dough. Yet, given time, the leaven will spread through all the dough, helping the dough rise from within.  Its effect is broad and comprehensive.

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CGSUSA was awarded a grant from the Virginia G. Piper Charitable Trust to participate in Experience Matters ACTIVE 8 Program.  ACTIVE 8 (pronounced as “activate”) provides a roadmap to integrate the eight leading practices in Volunteer Engagement through a unique coaching model.   A team of staff and board members has been meeting with an ACTIVATE 8 coach for three months  to prepare.

Introduced in January, LEAVEN, the CGSUSA volunteer engagement program, has helped us make contact with over 20 people who expressed interest in 6 different volunteer positions.
We now have a CGSUSA IT team of 6 people working on our first project: a web-site update.  Longtime catechist, Elizabeth Warfield, leads this team, including JJ Nace, Chris Swatty, Tom Woodley, and Adam Anania.

Our Office Assistant, Shirley Van Pays, has brought needed support with Shepherd's Closet and our publication sales. 
Our Systems Volunteers, Hans Kraeger and Robert Daily working out of Atlanta, continue to guide the CGSUSA staff and board in knowing how best to collaborate using Office365. 
The newest CGSUSA Volunteers include:
Former Board member, Kay Brizzolara.  Kay has graciously agreed to share her development skills as the CGSUSA Recurring Gift Project Leader. 
Formation Leader Diane Olsen and her sister, catechist Norma Cable have answered our call to lead the 2016 CGSUSA Annual Appeal as Co-Chairs. 
A long-awaited event committee to launch HeART of the Child, art exhibit and lecture series that uses the artwork of the child to thematically spotlight the intersection between the mystery of God and the mystery of the child that will begin in Phoenix (November 2016) and travel around the US.  We welcome:  Trevor Barger, Loreta Cuoco, Carol Lawless, and Jackie Thibaudeau to this event team.

Mapping CGSUSA Project Manager:  Mary Obermeier

The Found Coin Newsletter  has a new editor, Catherine Powell.

As we plan for the celebration of Sofia Cavalletti's Centenary Celebration next year, Kathleen Tong will be leading the delightful organization of this important year. 

We are now beginning the search for candidates for the following volunteer positions:

Donor Care Coordinator

Volunteer Care Coordinator

Mapping CGSUSA Volunteers

LEAVEN positions engaged:


TLM Fund Coordinator- Annette Eyrich

Office Assistante - Shirley Van Prays

IT Project Manager – Elizabeth Warfield

Recurring Gift Project Manager – Kay Brizzolara

2016 Annual Appeal Coordinators  – Diane Olsen, Norma Cable

Mapping CGSUSA Project Manager -   Mary Obermeier
The Found Coin Newsletter Editor - Catherine Powell
Sofia's Centenary Celebration Coordinator -   Kathleen Tong

Publications Business Plan Consultant:  Betsy Brown

Friends of CGS Project Consultant: Amy Franz

HeART of the Child Touring Project Consultant: Bobbi Brandenburg


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