Please join us as we prepare to kick off the Centenary of Gianna Gobbi’s birth, a milestone in the Catechesis of the Good Shepherd history.  The International Board of the Consiglio (formally known as the Executive Committee) reminds us that Gianna always preferred to ‘fade into the background’. Our tribute will honor Gianna by honoring the work that continues to nurture the joy in us.




For the continual creation of pearls of joy around the world.


Discern whether you might provide a brief reflection of how there are pearls of joy in your community that bring beauty and joy to many.

  1. A simple, brief video (cell phone or camera) of atrium sessions, interviews with children, or catechists, and/or parents that shares a favorite work of the child, presentation, material, or response to a presentation. Show us how these pearls of joy delight your community. This joy maybe found in your personal growth, your family, your atrium, your parish – there is no limit.  We will need parental permission,  please use this form.


  1. A reflection we can share on our social media sites during the 100 days leading up to Gianna’s centenary. Your reflection might be an atrium experience, a favorite presentation, an observation, or insight. Email your submissions to:

Please send all submissions by August 10, 2019.

Our 100-day kickoff will begin on Saturday September 7, 2019

Thank you for your collaboration!

The Pearls of Joy CGSUSA Committee