A Sign of Unity

The International Council, or as it is known by its Italian name, Consiglio, held its first meeting in October 1996 in Rome, Italy. Sofia Cavalletti saw its founding as an important step in the development of our work to support the “co-involvement” of many — young and old — in the atrium (“The Founding of the International Council,” 1998 Journal).

For the twenty-one people who came from seven countries where Catechesis of the Good Shepherd had become widespread, the aim of the Consiglio was to “be a sign of unity,” joining representatives from associations from around the world in a special friendship. Such friendship sprung, “in a deep and spontaneous manner right from the first and did not allow them to be discouraged by the differences in ages or by the different settings where people lived or even by the separation of an ocean.”

A Report to CGSUSA Members on the September 28 to October 3, 2014 Consiglio Meeting

 What honor it is to have the opportunity to serve our national association as representatives to the Consiglio. In this role, we realize the responsibility we have to communicate as fully as possible all that transpired at this meeting to our catechists and formation leaders. This report will give you an overview of the key topics discussed.  Please click here to read the report on the Consiglio Meeting. 

With gratitude, Karen Maxwell and Dan Teller

The CGSUSA Report to the Consiglio

A Common Spring

Sofia Cavalletti told that first group of Consiglio representatives what it was that brought everyone together: “we all have a common spring at which we drink: the mystery of God filtered through the child. The face of God has many aspects, and what is shown to us through the child, is different from what is familiar to us as adults. We enter into a spontaneous relationship with God because it is He who first ‘called us by name.’ “

It is in this reality that the work of the Consiglio is to be expressed above all else. Through the Consiglio, everyone’s contributions are held in common. Statutes were developed and then revised in October of 2014. Our association has always been closely connected to the Consiglio as we receive inspiration and direction as well as share this work with our members and others around the world.

The Consiglio gathers every three years. Members of the Executive Committee for the Consiglio include Francesca Cocchini (Italy), Nora Bonilla (Colombia), Tere Loyo (Mexico), and Rebekah Rojcewicz (USA). There are two representatives from each country where an association of catechists has been established. There were seven countries represented at the 2007 meeting. They are: Australia, Canada, Colombia, Germany, Italy, Mexico and the United States. In addition, guests were invited from Argentina, Croatia, and Panama. In all there were twenty-eight catechists who attended.

The Gift

Sofia Cavalletti, from the first meeting of the Consiglio, has always echoed the same message to participants at these meetings to be shared with catechists in each country and that is: “whatever we do, nothing, neither the Mystery of God, nor the children, nor anything we do to further the work – belongs to us. It is all gift and therefore the response should always be as one responds to any gift – it is to be welcomed in joy and gratitude and to be shared so that it may not lose its dynamism. This is a gift that we have not earned but one that has been given freely out of love. Joy springs from an awareness of the greatness of the gift and the unfathomable goodness of the Gift giver.”