The Adult as Co-Seeker

Of the 32 Points of Contemplation, several specifically call adults to a very particular role in the prepared environment.

  1. The catechists work together in a spirit of unity and harmony, in tune with God’s plan for communion in the history of salvation and in keeping with the themes of unity so strongly expressed in the parables of the Good Shepherd (John 10:1ff) and the True Vine. (John 15: 1ff) They generously offer their talents and experience for the good of all.
  2. The attitude of the adult has to be marked by humility before the capacities of the child, establishing a right rapport with the child, that is to say, respecting the personality of the child, and waiting for the child to reveal himself/herself.
  3. The tasks of the catechist include:
  • to go deeper into the Christian message through the knowledge of the biblical and liturgical sources and of ongoing living tradition of the church, including the theological, social and ecumenical movements which enliven the church today;
  • preparing an environment and maintaining order in that environment (the atrium) so that it fosters concentration, silence and contemplation in both the child and adult;
  • preparing the materials oneself as much as possible while collaborating with others in areas that are beyond one’s abilities.
  1. The reasons why the catechist is requested to make the materials with his/her own hands are:
  • to absorb the content more deeply;
  • to combat hurry, consumerism and even excessive “efficiency”;
  • to pace oneself more to the rhythm of the child and thus also – or so we believe – to the working of the Holy Spirit;
  • to try to reach the integration of hand, mind and heart.
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Ways to Nurture the Relationship with God by Sofia Cavalletti and Patricia Coulter.

A collection of meditations on scripture and liturgy first shared by Sofia with adults.

The meditations in this book explore and illuminate the Christian message and are the fruit of Sofia Cavalletti’s meditations with adults gathered together as listeners to the Word. Because this book arose from actual encounters, the writers invite you to enter into it as a fellow listener, meditating on scripture and liturgy alongside them.

“For decades now, catechists across North America have shared tidbits of Sofia Cavalletti’s adult reflections in their formation courses. Now finally we have many of these reflections in written form to meditate upon at length. Cavalletti has been recognized internationally for her unparalleled understanding of the religious potential of children. These meditations betray her equally unparalleled devotion to life-long scripture study, rooted in the original biblical languages.” ~ Ann M. Garrido, DMin, Associate Professor of Homiletics, Director of the DMin and MAPS-CGS Programs Aquinas Institute of Theology