Refresh, Restore, Renew

“Let the children come to me; do not prevent them, for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these.” 

Mark 10:14

Returning to the Atrium, Restoring Community

Let us be advocates for the child’s religious life and the vital needs and capacities they have for a relationship with God as we help our communities discern what our options are for the new school year in the fall.  As parishes and schools around the nation look to re-opening, many ask how we can preserve the basic principles of the Catechesis of the Good Shepherd while at the same time following the guidelines for infection prevention. These two things may seem to be incompatible in many ways yet we believe that there are ways of opening the atria safely.

We have prepared the following document and reopening template to aid the local atria communities, parishes, and schools in discerning how best to do so.

Resources for CGSUSA Members

While we have many resources available for parents, families, and the general public, there are additional Covid-19 resources reserved for Individual and Organization members, for those who have been formed in the CGS method.  Please make sure you are logged into the website with your email address and password before clicking the buttons below to access the reserved pages.


Fall Forum 2020 – Continuing the Conversation

First, let us apologize to anyone who had difficulty gaining admittance during the opening minutes of the Fall Forum.  We are always working to understand and master our new tools, and we beg your forgiveness for our shortcomings. 



Refresh, Restore, Return

A 3-Part Summer Series on Considerations for Opening CGS Atria in light of COVID-19 Concerns

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