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As Experienced in the Catechesis of the Good Shepherd

Written by Genelda Woggon


Genelda Woggon has been ministered to by children for over 50 years, first though her own four children, and later  in her professional work as a Christian Formation Leader in the Episcopal Church, especially through the Catechesis of the Good Shepherd for about the past 30 years. She is trained in all three levels of the work and has served as a nationally certified Formation Leader for Level I. From the mid 1980-90s she accompanied her husband, the Rev. Harry Woggon during his Intentional Interim Ministry where she  served professionally as a Christian Formation leader in the same or near by parish.  During these years she introduced CGS to a variety of parishes and dioceses on the east coast and mid west. In the meantime she also served as a Resource Consultant for the Office of Children’s Ministry at the Episcopal Church Center, NYC.  Upon returning to her home Diocese of Western North Carolina she served as the Diocesan Consultant for CGS. She is now fully retired along with her husband and lives in Asheville, NC,  but continues to volunteer as Catechist and Coordinator for CGS at St. Mary’s Episcopal Church.  

She has also published, The Seed of God, a series of  five books for children age 3-7 to prepare for and deepen their Baptism life. Inspiration for this book was based on her own experience in the Atrium, and was written initially as a baptismal memory notebook book, with family photos, for her grand daughter.  As this, initial home spun notebook,  became illustrated  and published into five booklets in a bilingual format of English/Spanish,  it  surprisingly found its way into a variety of mission  programs in the Episcopal Church,  for which it has also been translated into Haitian Creole/French.