“Help me come closer to God by myself.”

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CGSUSA is excited to offer you the audio version of The Religious Potential of the Child – 3rd Edition by Sofia Cavalletti, read by Rebekah Rojcewicz!

The Religious Potential of the Child is not a “how-to” book, complete with lesson plans and material ideas. Instead it offers a glimpse into the religious life of the atrium, a specially prepared place for children to live out their silent request: “Help me come closer to God by myself.” Here we can see the child’s spiritual capabilities and perhaps even find in our own souls the child long burdened with religious information. This book serves as a companion to the second volume, The Religious Potential of the Child 6 to 12 Years Old.  The desire to have this essential text available in audio has been a long-held goal for many.  The work of many hands has combined to bring this release to life through our podcasting tool.

CGSUSA has created a Premium Podcast Channel for this audiobook through Podbean.  There is a one-time cost of $29.00 and does include the audio version of all chapters of The Religious Potential of the Child, 3rd Edition all read by Rebekah Rojcewicz.  We have provided both video overview instructions and written instructions on accessing this audiobook.  Please use these resources. Unlike the regular podcast, which will remain free and available on many podcast players/apps, this new resource is available only on the Podbean App, which you may download from the IOS App store or the Google Play App store. The CGSUSA Staff are happy to provide assistance should you need help in navigating these new waters.  Please Contact Us.  The Contact Us Form (link to the left) now includes an option for Podcast Access Help.  This is the most efficient path to accessing the staff members who can best assist you.

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