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Kolkata 2013

Kolkata 2013
What I can do, you cannot. What you can do, I cannot. Together, we can do something beautiful for God.”
Blessed Teresa of Kolkata
Linda Kaiel and Mary Mirrione returned from their work in Kolkata with the Missionaries of Charity and shared great news of the work in India with the “poorest of the poor” the “least in the church.”  There were 28 participants for the Level I course this year, all involved in some way with formation of the sisters. They had gone to give a co-Level I course for the formators of the Society,  28 sisters who work in preparing young women in their journeys from Pre-Aspirancy to their final vows in the Missionaries of Charity. One sister in the contemplative branch of the MCs wrote:
“I noticed that the work with the materials is in a way an opportunity to work for His Kingdom, to ponder, to focus my attention in a meditative way to that particular work in relation to directly the mysteries of Christ’s life. It silences my entire body and brings me so close to encounter Chirst….  I experienced being in touch with Jesus as I perceived this wonderful declaration “I lay down my life for my sheep.”  It has been an experience difficult to articulate, knowing and experiencing the bond between me and Jesus.”  
      When asked what new insights the sisters had discovered about the child during the course, they all expressed qualities of the child that they were delighted to discern. One sister wrote:
    “Firstly, I was struck by the understanding that the child has such an ability to transcend, there is such a preciousness of the child in the eyes of God. I feel I came so close to the child, the child was always present to me during this course. I understand the importance of the children’s great need for relationship with God. I think I also came to know as to what captivates the child most, how they love the work. And that they are great people, my love for children increased evermore.
When asked about how they might use CGS with the sisters they are forming they responded:
     “ I think the whole approach of the Catechesis -- the meeting of the mystery of God and mystery of the child -- this personal relationship is very essential in our approach to the sisters under our care. The role of formator is so much like the role of the catechist of the Good Shepherd. The “useless servant” careful not to be in the center but always pointing to the Good Shepherd, allowing the Word of God to speak personally to our sisters, trusting them. Education to wonder is also very important in our life of prayer and contemplation – learning more and more to be present in the Reality of God – coming to know who He is and who we are.”
We are blessed to share this work with them.