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CGSUSA AND CBPMexico meet in Guadalajara Mexico

CGSUSA AND CBPMexico meet in Guadalajara Mexico

April 13, 2016

In the city of Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico,  members of the associations for Catechesis of the Good Shepherd from Mexico and the United States met in order to share our experiences and challenges and to expand communication between  our associations. During these four memorable days, we strengthened our friendship and understanding of the work being done in our Associations, exchanged gifts and wisdom, and in dialogue and discernment came to articulate our agreement of true friendship and sincere wishes from the heart for closer communication and shared efforts.

The participants were:
National Director: Mary Mirrione; Formation Director: Karen Maxwell; Spanish
Coordinator: Lourdes Vazquez; Member of the International Executive Board: Rebekah Rojcewicz. (Note: Mary Mirrione and Karen Maxwell also serve as International Consiglio Representatives.)
From CBPMexico:
National Coordinator: Alejandra Bessoriart; National vice-coordinator: Julia Gabriel; Member of the International Executive Board: Tere Loyo; International Consiglio Representatives: Avelina Muguerza and Maria Aurora Sanchez Lugo; National Formation Coordinator; Dinorah Melchor; Members of the National Formation Team: Tere Noriega and Silvia Mayorga.

The meeting was coordinated by Alejandra Bessonart and Julia Gabriel as Coordinators of the Executive Board for CBP Mexico.

During the meeting communication channels  were discussed and it was agreed that direct and open communication is our best help in our collaboration. Formation has many facets and there was great discussion on how to better collaborate in shared courses, particulary with the atria and commnities that line our border lke a beautiful "string of pearls."  

The need for Spanish speaking formation leaders in this country was also an important conversation.  We agreed that 
Catechists and Formation Leaders recognized by one National Association (home) who want to work in Catechesis in the other country (host), will need to register with the host Association and show their certificates of participation in the courses they have taken in their home country. They will also need to fulfill the proper procedures and discernment process for that host  Association. Each Association will contact the other to verify and see the details of each case and maintain  grace  and  courtesy between  the two  Associations.

A major part of our work together revolved around Io Sono in USA and the formation of catechists using this modality. CGSUSA is working toward intorducing these books in the US.

Both countries shared their published literature
Both countries shared their national content for formation of catechists for the Atrium and Album IoSono
Both countries shared their  Formation Leaders Manuals for formation for the Atrium and the Album Io Sono no.l
For the good of both organizations, CBPMexico and CGSUSA will work together to discover the unity and differences in their:
•         material
•         course agendas
•         presentations
•         publications
•         National Associations
•         Invitations to events offered in each country for catechists and formation leaders.

Having shared our hearts and minds, we sang  together:
"Shepherd of my soul, I give you full control Wherever you may lead, I will  follow
I have made the choice to listen to your voice Wherever  you may lead, I will go...
Pastor de mi alma te doy todo control. Donde tu me lleves, seguire yo.
Yo he decidido, escuchar tu voz. Donde tu me lleves, ire yo..."
The meeting ended at 12:30 pm. on Saturday April 16, 2016.