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Rejoice in the Lord always. I shall say it again: rejoice!  Philippians 4:4                                           

Rachel depicts the Pearl Merchant gazing at his pearl, yet thinking of the Nativity. She writes the meaning of her name “Little Lam(b)” instead of Rachel.


Rachel, Age 5, The Good Shepherd Catholic Montessori School Cincinnati, OH

Dear Friends,

This year we celebrate the Centenary of Gianna Gobbi’s birth.  As with all children, her birth stands as a signal of the wonder of God’s providence.  God is ever-creating and with the creation of Gianna, a most particular gift was given to the world – the gift of one who saw the child with ever-creating eyes.

Gianna recognized through art in the atrium that children were revealing profound insights about their relationship with God.  Rachel, the artist of this most wonderful image, sees with ever-creating eyes.  Rachel’s new vision of the merchant is a synthesis of the Parable of the Precious Pearl, the Nativity, and Rachel’s place in this salvation drama as one of His precious lambs.

What a gift we have been given – to witness and to be fed by the fruit of Rachel’s contemplation!  As a catechist and board member of CGSUSA, I am continually honored to receive these expressions from children that reveal the reality and profundity of their relationship with God.  What a glorious work joins us together!  As advocates for the spiritual lives of children, it is my prayer that this image will enkindle in you an abundance of joy!  And with your Heart of Wonder afire, I pray that you will generously support the 2019-2020 CGSUSA Annual Appeal.

In Our Good Shepherd’s Love,

Claudia Pétursson

CGSUSA Board of Trustees – 2019-2020 Annual Appeal Chair



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