Annual Appeal

2020-2021 CGSUSA Annual Appeal


 The Good Samaritan – William, age 8
St. Andrew’s Episcopal School, Amarillo, TX


After a meditation on the Good Samaritan, William draws the Ten Commandments held in the Dove’s beak and in the illuminated D, William writes his prayer:
 “Dear Lord, please help us to understand to love our neighbor and to love them. Amen.”


“And a little child shall lead them,” the prophet Isaiah proclaims.  What purity of heart, William leads us to embrace!
And what a profound insight: that we understand we are commanded to love our neighbor, and then do it! 


As we have experienced, 2020 has turned out to be an unprecedented year in this command to love our neighbor.  This love has so many faces: to see one another as sisters and brothers, to bind wounds both physical and spiritual, to share our resources of  both treasure and heart.

As we embark on the journey of raising the CGSUSA Annual Appeal for 2020-2021, we pray with William.  We respond to his proclamation and allow his prayer to inspire us in our good work of Catechesis of the Good Shepherd for the sake of all the children and all the families wherever this may lead us.

                                                 Thank you always for your support.

In Our Good Shepherd’s Love,

Claudia Pétursson, CGSUSA Board Member and 2020-2021 Annual Appeal Chair




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