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The Little Gospels

The five-book sets of Infancy Narratives, Paschal Narratives and Parables are now available! 

These “Little Gospels” reflect the deep respect Sofia Cavalletti and Gianna Gobbi had for the child, exemplified by the careful search for translations best suited to the child, the placement of only a few words on each page to facilitate the child’s contemplation and enjoyment of each part of the text, along with beautiful illuminations done by Gianna. Even the size of the “Little Gospels” honors the child and the size of their hands.

There are 15 key presentations in the Catechesis of the Good Shepherd for the 3 to 6 year old child that call for a solemn proclamation of particular Scripture texts. The catechist does not use a children's Bible or a paraphrasing of biblical texts. Rather, in the initial presentation the catechist does a solemn reading of the text directly from the Holy Bible itself. The catechist then offers the children a Scripture booklet containing that same text for their continued reflection and personal work.

A little history...

In 1963, Sofia Cavalletti and Gianna Gobbi published a series of "Little Gospel" Scripture books that were used by both the adult catechist offering scripture presentations and by the child doing personal work in the Rome atrium. These Little Gospels were thoughtfully prepared for the young child using carefully chosen rich Biblical language found in translations from the Greek and Hebrew Scriptures. They were produced in a size that fit perfectly in the hands of a child. The Little Gospels were illuminated with simple, beautiful drawings by Gianna Gobbi. The art is very appealing to the visual learner and conveys the scripture profoundly, in its simplicity.

“Years ago, when Sofia and Gianna were asked what materials the associations might offer for sale to help the many atria starting up in our country, they said the first to be offered should be the scripture booklets. They added that it would be a lovely thing to find the same booklets in every atrium, wherever one traveled. At that time, for our fledgling association, the prospect of producing hardbound books like the ones in Rome was beyond daunting. Catherine Maresca at Christian Family Montessori School (now Center for Children and Theology) then produced the paperback scripture booklets that have been a help to many atria and parents in the U.S., and many of us have also made our own scripture booklets. But now, after 30 years, our dream of offering the hardbound books is finally coming to fruition!”
Rebekah Rojcewicz
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CGSUSA & Liturgy Training Publications (LTP) are honored to announce these precious books have been translated into English and published with restored artwork. The five-book sets of Infancy Narratives, Paschal Narratives and Parables are now available.