2022 Call for Nominations to the Board of Trustees

2022 Call for Nominations to the Board of Trustees

CGSUSA announces the opening of nominations and elections for members of the Board of
Trustees of CGSUSA. The results of this year’s election will be shared at the 2022 Annual
Meeting held online on Wednesday, November 16,2022.

The Board of CGSUSA has seven trustees, each of whom is elected for a threeyear term.
Board members may serve for up to three consecutive terms. This year, the CGSUSA
membership will elect two board members.

Katushka Olave who has served for two terms on the Board of Trustees will seek her
third term of office.

Claudia Petursson, who serves as board Treasurer, will seek her third term of office.

We are seeking nominees to stand for election for two board positions, and we
encourage all members of the Association to consider nominating individuals whom
they consider to be worthy candidates. Nominations are due by October 1, 2022.

The Board of Trustees governs the United States Association of The Catechesis of the
Good Shepherd (CGSUSA). A board member acts as a sponsor, ambassador, fund
raiser, and consultant for the Association. Please prayerfully consider if you or someone
you know would be a good candidate and have the skills needed for the board. To help
with this process, the current board has put together information regarding expertise
sought on the board at this time as well as expected responsibilities of board members.

Leadership: Staff and Board of Trustees – CGSUSA