Enhancing Community Through Membership

Our Community

We come together in unity, as members of this Association, to support one another and share the joy of this work. We read in the Gospel of Mark that Jesus sent his disciples out in pairs, two by two; the journey was not meant to be a solitary one. It is essential for us as catechists to support one another in this work, as we prepare materials, work in the atrium, and observe the child. It is crucial for us as families and faith communities to accompany one another on this journey.

From the beginning of the Catechesis of the Good Shepherd, it has been a practice of catechists to spend a significant amount of time with each other after the children had left the atrium to discuss, with particular attentiveness, the religious life of the child. This practice has also built deep and sustaining friendships among the catechists. So often when catechists gather, there is this feeling of “we have already met” that is experienced and celebrated.

We encourage you to join CGSUSA to discover the excellent resources available, find support from your fellow catechists in your region, find a mentor, visit other atria, and attend regional events.