Types of Membership

We encourage individuals, churches, schools and other organizations to join the National Association of the Catechesis of the Good Shepherd so that we can continue to build the network of those who support this work of Christian spiritual formation for children. We offer two types of membership: Individual Membership and Organization Membership.

Individual Membership

An Individual Member is any/all individual persons (catechist, formation leader, aide, director/coordinator, clergy/religious, passionate parent/grandparent)

Contributing Member:

Annual Membership of $50 or more

Connects catechists and others, who appreciate the gift that CGS offers the child, to those throughout the country who also wish to nurture the child’s relationship with God. Anyone serving the child through this work is encouraged to join CGSUSA at this entry-level.

Supporting Member:

Annual Membership of $150 or more

Strengthens the network that connects catechists to one another and supports the continued development of catechist resources. Gifts at this level support the full cost of membership.

Companion Member:

Annual Membership of $75 or more

Allows the adult to accompany the child in their relationship with God. The companion level allows those who seek to offer additional support to the mission of CGSUSA, beyond the entry-level of membership.

Visionary Member:

Annual Membership of $500 or more

Ensures the vision and work of CGSUSA can be shared with others who are committed to this method of spiritual formation of the child. If you have the heart for and capacity to give more, we ask your prayerful consideration of membership at this level.

Share the Individual Membership flyer below with other catechists in your community.


Organization Membership

Organization Members are any entity (church/parish, school, regional group, diocese, etc.) that either offers CGS and/or supports those who serve the children as catechists, aides, or formation leaders) Share the CGSUSA Organization Membership Flyer with your church or school community.


Annual membership of $150 or more

Supports the full cost of membership and affirms in a visible way, to families and communities, that the spiritual life of the child is important. Any churches, schools, or regional groups are encouraged to join at this entry level.


Annual membership of $500 or more

Answers the call to accompany the workers in the vineyard – the catechists, formation leaders, and others who serve in CGS – by helping to reduce the financial burden on individual catechists.


Annual membership of $250 or more

Lives and serves the catechesis we receive, its vision of the child, its materials, its environment, and its sources. Collaborator members proclaim the gift of CGS to the community.


Annual Membership of $1000

Works with CGSUSA to offer formation, ongoing education, and to deepen others’ understanding of the spiritual life of the child. Benefactor members are signs to the Church and beyond that, the religious values of childhood, especially contemplation and joy, are worth cultivating.

Share the CGSUSA Organization Membership flyer below with your church or school community.


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