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Level I (ages 3-6)
Format: Long weekend
Start Date: September 22, 2023
All Course Dates: Part 1 Dates: Part 1: Sep 22-24, Oct 27-29, Dec 8-10, 2023 Part 2 Dates: Part 2: Mar 8-10, Apr 12-14, May 31-Jun 2, 2024
St Pius X Catholic Church
52553 Fir Rd Grainger, Indiana 46530 United States
Formation Leader: Kristen Hempstead-McGann
In Progress
Level I (ages 3-6)
Format: Long weekend
Start Date: September 22, 2023
All Course Dates: September 22-23, 2023; October 13-14, 2023; November 10-11, 2023; December 1-2, 2023; January 19-20, 2024; February 9-10, 2024; March 15-16, 2024; April 12-13, 2024; May 3-4, 2024; June 14-15, 2024
Sacred Heart Cathedral
20 E Beauregard San Angelo, Texas 76903 United States
Formation Leader: Jo Ann Padgett
In Progress
Level I (ages 3-6)
Format: Monthly
Start Date: September 23, 2023
All Course Dates: Part 1 Dates: Sep 23, Oct 7, 21, Nov 14, 18, Dec 2, 16, 2023 Part 2 Dates: Mar 2, 16, 23, Apr 6, 20, May 4,18, 2024
Quiet Water's Cabrini Center
13940 Sisson Highway Collins Center, New York 14034 United States
Formation Leader: Mary Lata
In Progress
Level I (ages 3-6)
Format: Monthly
Start Date: September 30, 2023
All Course Dates: Sep 30, Oct 21, Nov 11, Dec 9, 2023; Jan 6, Feb 3, Mar 2, Apr 6, May 4, Jun 1, 2024
All Saints Episcopal Church/Center for Children and Theology
3421 Franconia Rd Alexandria, Virginia 22310 United States
Formation Leader: Davette Himes
In Progress
Level I (ages 3-6)
Format: Long weekend
Start Date: October 6, 2023
All Course Dates: October 6-9, 2023; January 12-15, 2024; May 17-21, 2024. Friday, Saturday, Monday 9:00 - 5:00; Sunday 12:00 - 6:00.
Parkside Church
45 Moultrie St Charleston, South Carolina 29403 United States
Formation Leader: Anita Vincent
In Progress
Level I (ages 3-6)
Format: Monthly
Start Date: January 13, 2024
All Course Dates: Part 1 Dates: Part 1 - January 13, 2024; Feb 10, 2024; March 9, 2024; April 13, May 11, Jun 15, 2024 Part 2 Dates: Part 2 - July 20, 2024; August 10, 2024; September 14, 2024; October 12, Nov 9, Dec 7, 2024
St Paul Parish
433 Mission Dr. Akron, Ohio 44301 United States
Formation Leader: Erin Miller
In Progress
Level I (ages 3-6)
Format: Weekly
Start Date: August 28, 2023
All Course Dates: Part 1 Dates: Aug 28-30, Sep 5, 19, 26, Oct 3, 17, 24, Nov 7, 28 (12/5 makeup); Part 2 Dates: Jan 16, 23, 30, 2024 (9am-1pm); Feb 6, 20, 27 (9am-1pm), Mar 4 and 6-7 (8am-3pm), 19, 26 (9-1), 2024 (make up day Apr 16, 2024)
Christ the King School
52473 Indiana State Rte 933N South Bend, Indiana 46637 United States
Formation Leader: Joanie Rymsza
In Progress
Level I (ages 3-6)
Format: Weekly Intensive
Start Date: August 23, 2023
All Course Dates: Part 1 Dates: Aug 23-26, Sep 23, Oct 28, 2023 Part 2 Dates: Aug 12-17, 2024
Church of St Michael
611 S 3rd St Stillwater, Minnesota 55082 United States
Formation Leader: Karen Sisson
In Progress
Level I (ages 3-6)
Format: Monthly
Start Date: August 26, 2023
All Course Dates: Part 1 Dates: Aug 26, Oct 14, Nov 11, Dec 9, 2023; Jan 13, Feb 10, Mar 16, Apr 20, 2024 Part 2 Dates: Part 2: Similar school year schedule 2024-2025
St Joseph Catholic School
11505 Johnson Dr Shawnee, Kansas 66203 United States
Formation Leader: Jeanne Wichman, Mlada Hill
In Progress
Level I (ages 3-6)
Format: Long weekend
Start Date: August 29, 2023
All Course Dates: Aug 29-31, Sep 17-18, Oct 29-30, Dec 14-16, 2023; Jun 5-8, 2024
St Martha Catholic Church
37200 Whitewood Rd Murrieta, California 92563 United States
Formation Leader: Lynda Catalano
In Progress

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We believe God and the child have a unique relationship with one another. Children need their own place to foster the growth of that relationship. The growth of this relationship is assisted by the adult, but is directed by the Spirit of God within the child.

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What is the Catechesis of the Good Shepherd? The Catechesis of the Good Shepherd was born from the joy of the children’s encounter with God. It has been observed that children of the same developmental stage, even those from widely varying cultural backgrounds, respond to elements of the Christian message in the same way.

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In Catechesis of the Good Shepherd adults are given the opportunity to embrace a method of catechesis (or religious education) that will deepen one’s relationship with God. Catechist formation in Catechesis of the Good Shepherd is both instructive as well as experiential. It captivates both the head as well as the heart.

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We read in the Gospel of Mark that Jesus sent his disciples out in pairs, two by two; the journey was not meant to be a solitary one. It is essential for us as catechists to support one another as we prepare materials, work in the atrium, and observe the child. We come together in unity, as members of CGSUSA, to share the joy of this work.

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Through their joy, their wonder and awe, their capacity for love and prayer, and their radical simplicity, children offer us adults a glimpse of what it means to fall in love with God. This has been the work of CGSUSA for over 30 years: to advocate for the child’s joy.

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