CGSUSA Vendors

Sources for Atrium Materials in Keeping with the Materials Manuals

“the material can offer an opportunity for an interior dialogue between the child and the true Teacher.” – Gianna Gobbi

All published vendors are in relationship with The United States Association of The Catechesis of the Good Shepherd® and have submitted their products for review.  Additionally, these select vendors also have ongoing partnerships with recognized formation leaders to ensure continued adherence to the design standards set forth in the materials manuals.

Commitment to the 32 Points of Reflection, especially numbers 18, 20, 24 and 25, is fundamental to quality and success of all atrium materials and supplies: 

 No. 18.    The material must be attractive but “sober” and must strictly adhere to the theme being presented.  In making the material, the catechist refrains from adding superficial embellishments which would distract the child from the essentials of the theme being presented.  In other words, the material must be simple, essential and “poor” in order to allow the richness of the themes content to shine through. 

 No. 20.    The materials prepared by catechists for the atrium are faithful to the experimental models of the Catechesis of the Good Shepherd.  The designs of these models are the result of a long, collaborative work of observation and experimentation and have been developed according to the needs of the child at each developmental stage. 

 No. 24.    The tasks of the catechist include: preparing the materials oneself as much as possible while collaborating with others in areas that are beyond one’s abilities.  

 No. 25.    The reasons why the catechist is requested to make the materials with his/her own hands are: 

  • to absorb the content more deeply; 
  • to combat hurry, consumerism and even excessive “efficiency”; 
  • to pace oneself more to the rhythm of the child and thus also – or so we believe – to the working of the Holy Spirit; 
  • to try to reach the integration of hand, mind and heart.