Becoming a Vendor Member

Vendor Members of CGSUSA are an important part of our CGSUSA members’ ministry with children.  CGSUSA strives to build connections between our catechist members and our vendor members.

Vendor Member Benefits

All Vendor Members will receive a non-exclusive license from CGSUSA to sell CGS materials on their website once the application process is completed. The parameters of this relationship are contained in a Letter Agreement which must be signed by the Vendor Member. (A sample of the license letter is provided within in the Vendor Information Packet.)

  • All Vendor Members will receive a copy of the CGSUSA logo to display on their website, Facebook page or other social media, indicating that they are a current CGSUSA Vendor Member in good standing.
  • All Vendor Members will be part of the CGSUSA Source List. The Source List is provided to all those who participate in a CGSUSA sponsored Formation Course and is also available to be downloaded from the CGSUSA website.
  • All Vendor Members will have access to the Online Materials Manual for Levels One, Two and Three, as well as the all the other benefits offered to Individual Members and Organization Members.
  • All Vendor Members will be assigned a CGSUSA Advisor who is a Formation Leader to assist with any questions or concerns about materials.
  • All Vendor Members will receive regular communications from CGSUSA regarding new and updated materials.

Vendor Member Commitments

  • Materials offered for sale by Vendor Members must follow the guidelines for materials identified by the International Council (Consiglio) in the “Characteristics of the Catechesis of the Good Shepherd” as detailed on page 2 and as listed in our website material manuals.
  • Vendor Members must apply for and maintain a Vendor Organization membership in the United States Association of the Catechesis of the Good Shepherd. Memberships are renewable every twelve months.
  • Vendor Members must sell products that are safe under the regulations of the United States Consumer Products Safety Commission.
  • All licensed Vendor Members of CGSUSA must maintain adequate insurance to protect themselves and CGSUSA from liability issues that may arise. This includes a Comprehensive General Liability policy including Product Liability coverage and a certificate of insurance naming CGSUSA as an additional insured under the Vendor Member’s liability policy.
  • Vendor Members’ products must be related to the Montessori Method or CGS in some direct way.
  • Vendor Members must contact CGSUSA’s Membership Coordinator when adding new offerings for sale.
  • Vendor Members must sign and comply with the provisions of the Trademark License Letter Agreement with CGSUSA. (A sample letter is provided within the Vendor Information Packet.)


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