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Member Benefits

Features and Benefits of Membership

    The Annual Journal is a wonderful array of articles pertinent to our work,  containing children's artwork, prayers, and anecdotes from the children, to nourish us in the spirit of CGS.

    The Foglietti are vital "little memos" from the International Council (the  "Consiglio) that connect us to the latest developments in materials or news about CGS from around the world.


    Access to the Online Membership Directory
Membership offers us a way to stay connected so that we can
share the richness of the experiences we have with the children as
we listen with them to the voice of the Good Shepherd. Read some of our
member   testimonials.

    Access to the Online Materials Manuals (for Individual Members only; see Note  
Catechists who join CGSUSA as Individual Members will receive access to the
online Materials Manual for the levels for which they have received a
Those catechists who are currently enrolled in and participating in a course, may also join CGSUSA and receive access to the online Materials Manual for that particular level.

 .  Voting privilege: One vote per individual; One vote per Organization Members give voice to the conversation of how the gift of this work is celebrated and implemented in the US when they participate in electing board members and approving/disapproving board recommendations.

Regular Communication from CGSUSA through social media and eNewsletters.
CGSUSA News – quarterly e-newsletters providing updates on the associationa's projects and events. 
My First Year in the Atrium - a monthly newsletter (sent for the first twelve months of membership) for brand new members of CGSUSA.
  Member Memo - quarterly newsletter for all of our members.
  Board News - a newsletter from the Board of Trustees.
  In the Meadow - monthly newsletter for our Church/Organization members.
  Found Coin - focusing on the support and  stewardship for CGSUSA. 
  Formation Leader eNews - a newsletter from the Formation Office for those who lead formation courses.

A small Thank You gift to enhance your work with the children.  This year the  
gift is a small packet of mustard seeds.

 .  Scholarship eligibility for formation courses through the Tina Lillig Memorial  
(TLM) Fund.  
Grant eligibility for developing atria in underserved atrias through the Tina
Lillig Memorial (TLM) Fund. Read about
Tina Lillig, our first National Director.  Learn about what is supported by the fund or make a donation.

ina Lillig



   Our Beginnings as an Association

    The first steps of forming an association of catechists began during the summers of 1983 and 1984. Catechists who had been receiving training in Catechesis of the Good Shepherd wanted to nurture friendships formed through this work for children, stay connected and keep informed of any developments in how Catechesis of the Good Shepherd was being received by children. The National Association of the Catechesis of the Good Shepherd was incorporated in 1985. The founding members knew of the vital necessity of being connected, but they also knew that they could be of help to many others interested in the spiritual nurture of children. So their first aim was to “help children hear the loving voice of the Good Shepherd and help catechists, families, churches, and many others hear that voice with children.”

To view more about the story of the beginning of our association: